Summer at Whipsnade Zoo

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Varities of Animals

Travel Facilities in Zoo: Bus, Cars and Jumbo Express

Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo, owned by the Zoological Society of London is located in Whipsnade in Bedfordshire and it covers 600 acres of land. Visitors can travel in the zoo’s bus service, cars, Jumbo express - Great Whipsnade railway or by foot to have a look at the animals in this safari park.

Daily educational shows are held, where natural abilities of birds are explained by the keepers, and visitors can have a look at many different birds such as the European Eagle Owl, Harris Hawks, Blue and Yellow macaws and lots more.

A large Paddock in Whipsnade has Hog Deer, Yak, Axis Deer, Bactrian Camels and Pere David’s deer. Visitors can travel in their car or on the Jumbo Express train to have a clear view of those diverse animals.

Cheetah rock, Children’s farm, Wild Wild Whipsnade and many more interesting parts of the Zoo are a visual treat to visitors. Red pandas, Sloth Bears, Ostriches, Southern white rhinos, reindeer, Caribbean Flamingos, Oriental small Clawed Otters and lots more peculiar varieties of animal are available here.

Birds of the World and Sea Lion Splash are daily animal shows, in which visitors can learn more about birds and Sea Lions. Sea Lion Splash has five trained California sea lions that do performances and stunts to entertain their audiences.

Whipsnade provides a unique opportunity, where visitors above 16 years old can be a zoo keeper for the day with ZSL’s most popular animals and junior visitors (11 -15 years old) can also experience junior keeper for a day.

ZSL offers Animal prints and canvasses, clothing and accessories, books, childrens Gifts and lots more. Refreshment centres, cafes and restaurants are also available throughout the zoo to quench your thirst and hunger.

Visitors can book tickets online. You can buy group tickets, gift tickets and ZSL membership cards to enjoy unlimited annual visits. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo operates from 10 am every day and closing time is seasonal.

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