Autumn at Lanhydrock House

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Lanhydrock House

400 Year Old Ceiling; 18th Century Furniture; Family Activities and Lots More.

Alton Towers

Lanhydrock in Cornwall is a civil Parish which is in the Diocese of Truro and now is a part of the Bodmin Team Ministry. Lanhydrock House is one of the icons of Cornwall and this great house is set in the vast land of around 900 acres and is owned and managed by the National Trust.

This magnificent house has beautiful gardens, servants’ quarters and a wooded estate. There is a hill behind the house with trees and shrubs. This was first built in the 17th century and underwent a refurbishment in 1881 after a fire.

It has 49 richly furnished rooms, a great kitchen, new nursery wing and lots more. All of the rooms have aesthetic plaster ceilings including the long gallery depicting Old Testament scenes. A walk down to the River Fowey near Respryn Bridge and via the woods would be the best choice to enjoy the colours of autumn.

The spectacular gardens with 30 acres of woodland holds glaring bedding plants, rhododendrons and Himalayan Magnolias, camellias, hydrangeas, begonias, roses, indigenous oak and beech woods and lots more. This extensive garden features 900 acres of the zig zag pathway that leads to the countryside. Lanhydrock Estate is home to bats, creeping and crawling kinds of species, rhinoceros beetles, a wide range of trees, children’s play area and lots more.

The great kitchen, dairy and everything still consists of the same utensils and equipments. The cellars, servants’ quarters, backhouse and more are open to the public. The long gallery with stunning 400 year old ceiling and the 18th century furniture and tapestries are the biggest highlight of Lanhydrock House. A range of events, workshops, theatrical performances, family activities and lots more are conducted at this house.

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